About Me

Kitchen Appliance Packages

My name is Arsalan Masood. I was born in Dinga, a town in Pakistan. I have been obsessed with blogging and web designing since I was a child, but unfortunately, I have never been able to do online research due to the low speed of the internet. But 2017 was a turning point in my life and I moved to the UK. Where I started working in a warehouse in which I became very busy. But when I got to my house, I did a lot of research on kitchen appliance packages because I had to prepare my own kitchen. When I moved into my house, you wouldn’t believe there was nothing in the kitchen. That’s how I became interested and slowly after long research, I bought all the appliance packages for my kitchen. That’s how I prepared my kitchen.

Why I Start kitchen appliance packages

When my house was completed in 2018, I had a lot of time in which I started a blog whose domain name I kept Apna Shoq. This was my first blog in which I experimented a lot and am still running successfully today. As time went on I realized that I should create a Kitchen Appliance Packages Affiliate Blog because I had a lot of information on home appliances. Because when I built my house, my wife and I spent the whole day researching. This is how I founded Kitchen Appliance Packages and I am still successfully providing the best kitchen tools to my audience so that they can benefit from them.